Emma and Mick were married on the 26th of October in a gorgeous outdoor wedding at Montrose Berry Farm at Sutton Forest. Just a week before the wedding, Emma received a phone call telling her that Mick had been in a bike accident and broken his tibia and fibula but ever the trooper, Mick was dressed and ready to marry the love of his life on Saturday and Emma repeatedly told us how lucky she felt just to have him in her life and how, “if nothing else, this has made me want to marry him more now than ever”

The party was a spectacular outdoor banquet held under fairy lights and outdoor chandeliers where records spun music as guests shared their food and laughter with the newly married couple. Speeches, a very awesome first dance, and boysenberry pie were all parts of this stunning reception which was purely an honour to capture.

Congratulations Emma and Mick!

Rowan and Natalie