Felicity and David were married on the 21st of September in an intimate outdoor wedding at Belgenny Farm in Camden. The bride wore a stunning vintage dress and held a bouquet of billy balls as she approached her beaming groom down the aisle. Theirs was “an awkward teen romance” that began when David worked with Felicity at the cinemas as teenagers. Ever since then, they’ve very obviously been the other’s hero, and you can hear in their beautiful vows how in sync they are as partners and best friends.

To match the theme of a cinema romance, the reception had a popcorn buffet with flavours from sour cream to caramel, a mini choctop cake, and their own soundtrack for people to collect for the drive home. Every detail was approached with love and creativity from the invitations Felicity illustrated, to the children’s book centerpieces, to the fingerprint balloon guestbook, and very much reflected the laid back, fun, and artistic people they are.

Congratulations Felicity and David! We hope you’re having a wonderful time on your honeymoon!

Natalie and Rowan