Nicoleta and Chris’s enchanting wedding took place on the 3rd of May 2014. After five years together, Chris stood before family and friends at their wedding reception and read a list he had made for Nicoleta only a month after they had met. It listed some of the things he loved about her, from her kindness to her smile, and he finished by sharing how he had kept that note from so long ago because he had hoped that one day he would read it at their wedding because from the very beginning, she had been everything to him. As she walked down the aisle towards Chris earlier that day, the two beamed smiles at each other that quickly gave away how excited they were to start this new chapter in life together. Their reception took place at Curzon Hall where little macaron boxes and kissing bells greeted guests who would laugh and dance the night away. Congratulations Nicoleta and Chris! We’re so happy for you!